To be held On February 15 to 17 2018
Organized by : Green Path Event Management
Where : Millennium hall

Ethiopian coffee week expo is annual international festival set to attract leading international coffee buyers. And networking platform with various local and international marketers, promoting agencies, associations, coffee roasters, growers, connoisseurs and supply chain value in general. An excellent panorama to showcase unique products and services and promoting your company to all participants and visitors of the expo. The expo will have B2B networking, workshop, panel discussion, and forum. Display the diverse ethnic group coffee ceremony practices, indigenous artifacts and recreational activities. It is pursuing opportunities to exchange information, share their experience and interact with the world’s top-notch coffee community in order to strength and promote Ethiopian coffee commerce globally.


Our event starts in

-157Days -5Hours -23Minutes -26Seconds


Ethiopia is considered to be the oldest exporter of coffee, and facts indicate the importance of coffee as a commodity, but do not adequately reflect its immense cultural and social significance for Ethiopians. The modern coffee ceremony, which borrows some practices from these antecedents, is an integral part of Ethiopian culture. Preparation is usually done by a woman who sits on a stool (chair) before a small charcoal brazier, slowly turning a handful of washed coffee beans on an open pan. The heady aroma of browning beans is mixed in with perfumed frankincense smoke and the smell of fresh cut grass and flowers strewn around the coffee brazier. The woman often makes her round with roasted coffee in the pan, the better to give her guests a closer whiff of the beans, before they are manually ground with pestle and mortar. The coffee is then brewed with water in a clay jabana and served in small cups without handles. The coffee may be drunk with or without milk, sugar, and in some regions salt or butter.Traditionally, coffee is boiled three times (abol, tona, barakaa) and guests are expected to drink a minimum of a cup of each session. The coffee ceremony is one around which neighbors and friends gather to exchange news and advice.Consumed in this way, the socio-cultural significance of coffee cannot easily be quantified as it serves immense purpose in human relations. Towards the end of barakaa, an elder may rise to offer blessings and prayer



Ordinary Booth includes :

  • Minimum Booth size; 3x3m
  • 1 fascia panel
  • 2 chairs
  • 1 info desk(counter)
  • 2 spot lights
  • 1 220w socket
  • 1 Waste Basket
  • 2 Exhibitor Badges with access to conference rooms and attendance of all social events throughout the 3 days of exhibition and conference
  • 5 complimentary visitor tickets for access to exhibition only.