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On February 15 to 17 2018
Organized by : Green Path Event Management
Where : Millennium hall


Ethiopian coffee week expo is annual international festival set to attract leading international coffee buyers. And networking platform with various local and international marketers, promoting agencies, associations, coffee roasters, growers, connoisseurs and supply chain value in general.  An excellent panorama to showcase unique products and services and promoting your company to all participants and visitors of the expo. The expo will have B2B networking, workshop, panel discussion, and forum. Display the diverse ethnic group coffee ceremony practices, indigenous artifacts and recreational activities. It is pursuing opportunities to exchange information, share their experience and interact with the world’s top-notch coffee community in order to strength and promote Ethiopian coffee commerce globally.


The first coffee trees are discovered in Ethiopia. It is evident that coffee originated where wild coffee tree forests are still the primary harvesting source. In at least one version of the story, the discovery of coffee owes much to the gastronomical adventures of goats and their mythical herder, Kaldi. The young boy noticed the excited prancing of his goats that had wandered up a hill to eat the leaves and red beans of nearby shrubs. Kaldi’s own curiosity got the better of him, and he ventured to try chewing the somewhat bitter leaves and beans himself. Happy with its stimulating effect, he shared his findings with a monk who, as this version goes, went on to perfect the art of roasting, grinding, and brewing the drink for fellow monks. Coffee kept them awake and alert in their long hours of prayer and devotion, and it was quickly adopted as the beverage of choice among the clergymen. By the first half of the 20th century, coffee was widely drunk among the nobility, and travelers also noted its availability in the homes that hosted them. Ethiopia is now unequivocally recognized as the birthplace of coffee, whose name itself is regarded by most to have been derived from Kaffa in the south west of the country, where coffee still grows wild in mountain forests. Preserved in local gene banks and research centers such as the Jimma Agricultural Research Center and the Institute of Biodiversity Conservation (in the southwestern town of Limu), the variety of coffee beans is registered to be over 6,000. This wealth of diversity attests to Ethiopia’s claim of origins, and links the survival of the world’s largest genetic pool to its adequate conservation.


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